Hoverboard Smartway UERA-ESU010 with Bluetooth acoustic systems

Hoverboard Smartway UERA-ESU010 with Bluetooth acoustic systems
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Science fiction comes true today. Hoverbord, smartbord, mini Segway. Those are all the names for the same device that turns any motion into entertainment. All you have to do is to stand on a platform with two your feet, to lean forward slightly and ... smartbord will carry you wherever you want! The built-in gyroscopes and electric motors with an electronic control system allow you to hold themselves in balance with ease. To learn to ride it, 5 minutes are just enough!

What is there so good in Smartway?

1. Available for everybody: it costs as a smartphone.

2. It weighs only 10 kilograms, can easily fit in the trunk.

3. 5 minutes are just enough to learn to ride it, it is controlled by inclination of your feet.

4. One battery charge is enough for 20 kilometers ride.

5. Two powerful electromotors easily lift you up the hill with a slope of 15 degrees.

6. The vacuum tires provide increased passability and smooth ride .

7. In order to recharge the batteries in full, only 2 hours are just enough.

8. Built-in acoustic system will accompany your ride with your favorite soundtracks from your mobile phone via Blutooth.

9. Stylish design accentuated by LED headlights.

Get a convenient carrying bag as a present!

Dimentions 58.4*18.6*17.8 сm
Weight 10 kg
Color orange
Maximum load 120 kg
Maximum speed 10 km/h
Power 500W (250W * 2)
Recharge time 1-2 h
Length of one recharge run 20-25 km
Battery capacity 4400mAh 158w (Samsung)
Wheel size 6.5 in. (18 cm)
Moisture protection IP54
Features Bluetooth acoustic system and remote control

Елена Владимирова
11 august 2016
таких выгодных цен, как у вас, нет нигде
Pluses: красивый внешний вид
Minuses: не знаю
Влада Светникова
12 august 2016
Это моя мечта! Обязательно куплю, скидка хорошая!
Pluses: -
Minuses: -