Power Bank Xiaomi Mi 10400 mAh

This convenient power bank for mobile phones is indispensible for every travel lover.

This showy accessory will help your smartphone or tablet to work longer. Its case is made of durable, shock-resistant material. Power Bank Xiaomi Mi 10400 mAh can be quickly recharged only for 8 hours!

Its power capacity is enough to completely recharge a smartphone on Android 6.5 times, an iPhone 5s 8.5 times or an iPad mini 2.5 times.

Capacity 10400 mAh
Battery type Li-Ion
Power supply from USB
Slots USBx2
Dimensions 170.5х77х21.6 mm
Adapters set Yes
Case material metal

Инна В
11 august 2016
спасибо консультантам за то, что посоветовали такую классную зарядку!
Pluses: прочность, долговечность
Minuses: их просто нет