Our web store is special. Why?
We just have good prices!

Just feel the difference. Some sell their good wholesale or retail, with large commodity turnover and certainly they cannot devote enough time to individual clients.

We sell goods by the piece, select them, try them out, and caress them with the attention of our system administrators and IT-specialists.

This is the difference between hypermarkets and boutiques.

Here we are, IT-boutique, but with reasonable prices.

Why is it better to buy by us?
  • Firstly, we are the web store, not a physical one (with all the costs), therefore the prices are significantly lower than in conventional stores.
  • Secondly, we are not greedy. So our margins are not high.
We want to be useful to you: it is your enjoyment of shopping that was important for us, when we were creating online store for IT-gizmos. We want you to use IT-novelties with joy, to have a good Internet (by the way, our partner, Odessa internet-provider WESTELECOM, provides fiber optic Internet with symmetric speed). We wish everything to work flawlessly. We hope that our products will help you.

If you have something to say, write to us You are welcome with praise, as much as with criticism. By the way, we like very much when we are criticized. Psychologists say that if a woman cries to her husband: "This is the end! I'm leaving you! You're such-and-such…!" and all the staff that a wife usually yells to her husband during quarrels, it means only one thing: she wants him to take into consideration her complaints and is not going to part with him. Because when they want to go away they just go away. Silently, without a word.

So, we ask you: do not go away quietly. We are ready to improve ourselves. We are ready to improve our life. So, criticize us, write what is wrong on the site. Maybe the navigation is not so easy? Maybe you had to wait too long for the response from our manager? Maybe you didn't find the chosen item in the basket or noticed some glitches?

Criticize and stay with us.

We will put right everything!

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